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Pagina de prueba

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Pagina de prueba

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Pagina de prueba

  • Just simply modify the text or graphic to fit your needs.
  • This template is using "iframe". It works only in IE 4 or later version and Netscape 6 or later version.
  • If you want to change the font type of the site, you need to have a little bit knowledge of Style sheet. But it's easy to learn. You open file in Notepad and then go to the top of the page,in about the 8th line from top, you will see <style>. below it is "body", then you can replace the font name "arial" with the font type you want. The most font used in web sites are: "Times New Roman","Verdana","Comic Sans MS","Garamond".
  • The Chinese characters on the right means: Welcome to the website.
  • Don't forget to save your work.